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Chicago International Airport(STL) FSAA was responsible for the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of the existing outbound BHS which was modified and upgraded in sub-phases which were carefully performed in consecutive and concurrent steps to ensure a timely completion without affecting operations. Q1, 2017
Jacksonville International Airport(STL) In-line CBIS Re-Capitalization and Optimization Project Q4, 2016
Lambert St. Louis Airport (STL) FSAA provided the engineering, manufacturing and installation of the new in-line CBIS project which began Feb of 2012. The project consisted of over 7000 linear feet of conveyor, 6 EDS machines, and one new make-up unit. Q1, 2015
Los Angeles Int’l Airport (LAX) FSAA was selected for the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) In-line baggage handling system project at LAX. It included 6900 feet of conveyor, demolition of 2 existing inbound conveyors and claim devices and the relocation of 2 claim devices. The project also included the installation of 6 new slop plate claim carousels, with 12 new inbound conveyors that feed the claim carousels as well as one new oversize baggage claim conveyor. Q1, 2015
Salt Lake City Int’l Airport (SLC) To support additional flights, FSAA designed & installed a new flat plate makeup carousel for Alaska Airlines Q2, 2014
Los Angeles Int’l Airport (LAX) As part of an enabling project, FSAA was selected to furnish & Install a temporary Interline makeup carousel to support the construction of connector building between Terminals 4 & TBIT Q4, 2013
Honolulu Int’l Airport (HNL) FSAA successfully installed & commissioned Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) within multiple screening Lobbies.  Project included 8,200′ of new conveyor and integrated with sixteen (16) new L-3 eXaminer EDS Machines. Q3, 2013
Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (LIT) FSAA Installed a new Outbound BHS including 3,500′ of new conveyor, a new CBIS/CBRA consisting of three (3) new L-3 eXaminer Machines and a new sortation system. Q3, 2013
Salt Lake City Int’l Airport (SLC) FSAA furnished a new slope plate claim carousel and refurbished the existing feeder belt. Q1, 2013
Orlando International Airport (MCO) FSAA Installed a new, remote Outbound BHS system to accommodate passengers departing Cruises and Hotels associated with a major theme park in Orlando, FL.  FSAA was both Designer and General Contractor.  The project included 2,800′ of conveyor, four (4) L-3 EDS machines and a sortation system feeding multiple carousels. Q4, 2012
Tampa International Airport (TPA) FSAA Furnished & Installed a new flat plate claim carousel. Q4, 2012
Eagle County Airport (EGE) FSAA was selected to engineer, manufacture and install CBRA and conveyor line that tie into 6 new CT80 EDS machines. Q3, 2012
Ft. Lauderdale Int’l Airport (FLL) FSAA successfully installed & commissioned two (2) large EDS pods above an active baggage makeup operation.  The phased project consisted of 7,100′ of new conveyor, roughly 700 new drives, 5 new makeup carousels and eight (8) L-3 EDS Machines. Q2, 2011
Jackson Hole Regional Airport (JAC) FSAA was selected for the Terminal Expansion project in Jackson Hole Wyoming. This project included demolition of the existing outbound system and installation of a complete new EDS integrated outbound system. The scope consisted of integrating new outbound system with 6 new EDS machines and feed bags, to slope plate make-up units. Q3, 2010
Kahului Regional Airport (OGG)) FSAA Installed two screening pods and a new outbound sortation system feeding seven (7) new makeup carousels.  Project included 3,500′ of new conveyor, nearly 300 drives and integrated with six (6) L-3 eXaminer machines. Q2, 2010
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport FSAA was selected for the In-Line BHS Design Improvements project at Concourse B – This included 2600′ of conveyor and the integration of 4 L3 6600 EDS machines. Q4, 2009
Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) The Terminal Renovation and Expansion Phase I project was completed by FSAA in April 2009. It included the installation of 4 ticket counter systems that feed the Reveal EDS machines, Installation of two inbound slope plate claim devices. Q2,2009
Springfield – Branson Regional Airport (SGF) FSAA was selected to engineer, manufacture and install one curbside line, two ticket counter lines, one outbound clear bag line, and two inbound lines with slop plate claim carousel. Q2, 2009
Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH) FSAA Integrated a new EDS Pod within Terminal C.  Two (2) EDS pods were installed with full crossover redundancy.  The project involved 6,300′ of new BHS and eight (8) InVision CTX9000 EDS machines. Q2, 2008
Salt Lake City Int’l Airport (SLC) FSAA was selected to engineer, manufacture, install and certify a new in-line EDS screening facility at SLC International Airport Terminal 2 EDS Modifications project. The project involved the integration of 6 fully integrated CTX-9000 machines, and required replacement of all ticket counter conveyor and reconfiguration for new curbside, oversize and ETD areas. Q2, 2008
Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV FSAA was selected to install the inbound and outbound baggage transport conveyor lines from curbside/tour-bus check-in areas to the freight elevators. Conveyor transports luggage for guest checking in and out of the hotel. Q1, 2008
Oakland International Airport (OAK) FSAA was selected to engineer, manufacture and install the BHS for the 100% hold baggage screening project in support of the TSA’s requirement for security screening. Q1, 2006
Southwest Florida International Airport Fort Myer, FL FSAA was selected to install over 13,000 feet of conveyor for the new Midfield Terminal Project in Fort Myers, FL. It had more than 50 sortation devices, High Speed / Power Face Diverters and was one of the most innovative solutions in the country. The system has both inbound and state-of-the-art outbound sortation systems, which utilizes upper level controls and includes a controls room, barcode scanning, graphical user interfaces and fault monitoring. Q4,  2005
Honolulu Int’l Airport (HNL) FSAA successfully manufactured and installed the BHS for the integration of an EDS system into the existing outbound system. It included over 600 ft of conveyor, 1 slope plate make-up device, and 2 L3 Examiner EDS machines. Q4, 2004
Washington Dulles International Airport FSAA was selected by Centex-Guilford to provide terminal ticket counters, baggage claim facilities and a high tech baggage sortation system in the new basement level of Washington Dulles Airport. It included 20,000 feet of conveyor, a state-of-the-art outbound sortation system with 10 pushers sorting to 4 slope plate make-up devices. Q2, 2003
Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport, St. Paul, MN FSAA successfully completed the security integration of 9 InVision CTX 5500 machines and approximately 1500 feet of transport conveyor, merges, queues. Q1, 2003
Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) FSAA manufactured and installed the BHS for Southwest Airlines outbound system which included over 200 feet of conveyor and 2 CTX 5500 EDS Machines. Q4, 2002